Dream House

Topic #198 on Dailypost is to describe your dream house. If you were to asked me this question like 5 years ago, my answer would be:

A small white house, 2 bedrooms, comfy bed, black leather sofa’s and a well equipped kitchen.

But nowadays? Am living in MY dream house, and as matter of facts, it is better than the one I dreamed of. Though I know generally my house wont be in a “Dream House” category at all, still I am a proud owner and berry berry happy about it. It is bigger than what I thought my first house would ever be.

It’s a 2 storey house with kitchen, living room and office are on the 1st floor and 2 bedrooms and a small area for me and my boo to catch up on movie we missed or simply to watch CSI or some celebrity brags on E!

Welcome to My House

This right side is booked to be bbq corner forever, as you can see the bbq pit is sitting nicely there.

I have to go to my neighbor backyard to get this pic. The uneven wall color is hurtin my feelin 😦

I love this bench, I got it for 70% off at Ace Hardware. This is where I do my own meni pedi in the afternoon when the sun is not so hot.

We planted this Aussy Mango at the same time when we renovating the house.  Big mango and very sweet. I can only enjoy the first fruits after 7 years. So it will be on 2017!

I got this cactus for free, it was really reeeaally tiny and dying. But now its growing healthy and even got a tiny baby cactus

I dont know the name of the flower, am sorry. But its blooming now!


I’ve lived in it for over a year now, and always ALWAYS missin my home when am away, even just for 2 days. Am sure everyone feelin the same about their home too 🙂

I am a bit disappointed about the paint. I don’t know why the color is uneven like that. We even repaint it all over again when we renovated the house. But the color’s stay uneven.


14 thoughts on “Dream House

    • Peace lily. Thats it! Thank you Jenna. Yes…I wanna see your house too…I love lookin at houses, cus whats everyone do with their houses are different from each other 🙂

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