Bio Oil

The best stretch-marks lotion EVER!!!

When I was a teenager, I used to be really fat. I started losing weight once I graduated from high school, probably when I started juggling in between working from 7am to 5pm then straight to my law class from 6pm to 11pm. The evolution from fat to skinny, leave some marks on some parts of my body (thigh, butt and breast area). I am ok with the marks.I mean there is nothing I can do about it, right?

But I do know that, I am NOT one of those girl who is blessed with a good skin elasticity, my body is prone to stretch-marks.

So when I find out that I was pregnant, I am well aware that I will have a new stretch-marks under my belly area. I saw my girlfriends who have had baby belly, some are not so bad, but some other got quite severe stretch-mark that they cant wear bikini anymore. And judging from the stretch-marks that I have now, I will have a really bad stretch-marks once I give birth 😦

If that happen, I can only embrace it, and accept the fact that it is one of the consequences of being pregnant, and will just have to make peace with my marks.

But there is nothing wrong in trying to prevent it, right?

So I started googling for the best stretch marks cream, lotion, oil whatsoever. Of course Miss Google come up with some stuff. I write down the list, and go to drug store in Singapore, asking the sales assistant if they got some. She got the stuff on my list, but she proudly recommend me Bio Oil lotion. She said its the best.

Hmmmm….I only go with Bio Oil, because it cost way more than the cream on my list. I believe its expensive for a good reason.

I was lazy to apply the oil under my belly on my early pregnancy. Only started using it religiously when I enter my 2nd semester. And boy….up until now, not even a dark line on my tummy.

Buuutt! That doesnt prove anything, right? There were no marks under my belly prior to pregnancy, and I could possibly got good skin on my tummy area. So maybe Bio Oil is nothing.


Entering my 3rd semester, I spot a dark line growing on my butt, on my previous already faded stretch marks. Omg!!!

Thats when I started applying the oil twice a day on that area. After about a week, the dark line didnt go vanish just like that, but I can see the dark line slowly fading. Fiuuuuhhhh…!!!! Perhaps I should have apply the oil all over my body, then the dark line wont stand a chance to grow at all.

So YUP! Thats when I know this Bio Oil lotion is awesome. Believe and 100% sure its worth every penny. I am up to my 3rd bottle now (my first one was 200ml, but they dont have that size anymore nowadays), and will continue using it after pregnancy to get rid of the rest of the marks on my body.

Bio Oil


PS: Even though I hope everyone having the same result like me when using this oil, I do believe the outcome are different for different people. So this review of this product is based on my own experience. It doesn’t guarantee anything.

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