Me, My feelin, n Hodge


I tattooed his name under my skin, so he can stay there forever

I am in deep shit I know. This time for fallin for someone that already belong to someone else. What the hell is goin on with me? Why i got so deep into it?

Many times i told my self to stay away from such situation, i know for sure its gonna end up with me aching braking heart, but yet, still am going forward with it. is it me betraying myself? or is it me going with what i want? a [quite long] temporary good feeling? THATS RIGHT! —-T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y—-

But, everythings gonna somehow END somewhere…so? what to do? everyone else said that i MUST think of my Future? but somehow FUTURE doesnt seem so important anymore. what important is what I FEEL for the moment and time being. I can worry abt future later.

and honestly, i am scared of what i have for him, and MORE scared to [yet] find out what he have for me. is this for real? should i feel stupid for underestimate my instinc [which usually based on logic and MOST of the time is TRUE and i would always blame myself and then scold me; “See, You should have listen to Yourself!!] and go with what i feel instead.

i dunno, i guess i am a sucker for a good feeling, and my instinc can go Logic later….idiot i know. what can i do?


2 thoughts on “Me, My feelin, n Hodge

  1. what can u do??? answer is go to hell biatch
    you can worry about future later, THAT IS TO LATE
    you are not young girl anymore

    pls…remember and do what i said …. it for your own sake

    • HaHaHaHaHaaaaaaHaaahhaahha……

      I am going to hell, I KNOW!!!!
      am gonna BURN in Hell….cikakakakakka… [LATER]

      and IF THATS what it takes…i AM taking it…
      I just LuV this Feelin

      I can see U later when my heart is broken, right?
      U’ll still be my numero uno Biatch, Right?

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