2013 New Year Resolution


Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. And I believe we all have that negative people in our lives, so I have recently been starting to distance myself from this kind of people. Its not easy, but I plan to keep doing this next year. Cut them all off slowly.

If it is a negative friend, I will simply choose not to hang out with him or her. If it is a negative relative, I will try to not spend extra time with the person.

I choose to NOT be around negative people.


In this financial crisis time, I want to be able to survive on my own, and I believe the only way is through earning money. I want to take some risks once in a while. Challenge myself to do something new yet something I love. A new year is about to start and everyday is an opportunity for me to improve my current status. My goal is to find what I want to do. I must not be afraid of what tomorrow might bring. I’ll only know what’s on the other side if I already cross that bridge.


Worst case scenario, working as advocate or legal staff at Law firm. I just need to get back to work.


This particular thing actually been on my resolution list from ages ago. Some people seem to do it just fine, but for me, its a hard thing to maintain. I’d like to think its because of my lack of passion for sweating or moving any part of my body. Fiuuhhh…I can do it! At least walking for 30 minutes 4 times a week.


I am proud to say, that I believe, I’ve been eating healthy food, most of the time! Of course there are times when I binge on crackers, biscuit, sweet cakes and all sort of junk food, but who doesn’t?

The point is I’ve done better in this 2012, and hope to accomplish even more better this coming 2013. H e a l t h i e r  f o o d !!! Yup, like recently, for eating at home, I decide to use organic brown rice instead of white rice for the whole family member. For good!


I used to read a lot, and actually enjoyed them books. But nowadays,reading book only put me to sleep. I hope I can spend some time to read quality books. Not just the gossip and beauty magazines! Currently I am struggling to finish 50 Shades Darker.


I’ve always wanted to help others, and do it whenever I got the chance. But next year, I want to volunteer for an organization with good cause, or doing something for kids at the orphanage house. I prefer physical activity, so I can get involve directly. I believe when you help others, you actually helping yourself to feel better.


La vie est belle!!! I hope to enjoy life even more. Try to not get stress over little thing. Be more attentive, understanding, considerate and available for my loved ones. Not over thinking. And be more grateful for what I have. I believe its all about attitude.


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