Batik Handbag

What do you think about this hand bag?

I know this is no fancy branded bag, but as an Indonesian, I am proud to say, we do have good quality bags. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. This particular bag is quite unique, because it is hand made by individual, so you will not find two bag that looks alike. Its not even the limited edition ones. Its the one and only bag.

I personally love this bag because:

1. Size; Its perfect for daily use, not too big not too small, it got separate compartments, so it will be easier for me to find my stuff.
2. Weight; Its pretty light. I can carry lots of stuff.
3. The pink handle and shoulder strap are Cobra skin.
4. The one and only!!!!


I know there is no guarantee its going to last forever, its no expensive Chanel bag that comes with certified card nor the famous Louis Vuitton, but I am definitely going to make the most of this bag.

Love love love Indonesian bag!


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