Best Japanese Cheesecake Ever

I dunno why but I was craving for a good cheesecake this past two weeks. Nope! Am not pregnant. I also feel the need to bake, sooo…thanks to Pinterest! I found The Cookbook Chronicles website, and she got this yummy cheesecake recipe on. So I’ve got to give it a try. I follow the recipe exactly, except for the pan, I use whatever available in my kitchen. And you know what, it was THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER!!!!!

Japanese Cheesecake

300g cream cheese (this equals to about 10.5 oz of cream cheese)
45g unsalted butter (this equals to a generous 3 tbsp. of butter)
57g egg yolk (this equals to 3 yolks)
20g sugar (this equals approximately 1 tbsp + 1 tsp sugar)
11g cornstarch (slightly less than 1 tbsp)
150g milk (about 2/3 cup of milk)
95g egg white (3 egg whites)
55g sugar (about a 1/4 cup of sugar + 1 tsp)
Use an 18 cm (7 in) cake pan with a fixed bottom.

Cut a strip of parchment that is 3 cm higher than the height of the cake pan. Fold 1.5 cm along the long edge and cut a notch to the fold line every 2 cm to allow the strip to line the side of the cake pan. Slits should point into the center of the cake pan. You want the strip to be at least 1 cm taller than the cake pan. (Basically, the notches are just so you can build a perfectly round collar around the base of the pan.) Cut a parchment paper round to line the bottom of the cake pan.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Put the egg whites into the freezer so it just begins to freeze around the edges. Sift the cornstarch.
Wrap the cream cheese in clear wrap and microwave until it becomes soft to the touch. You do not want to heat it up.  (I did this in about 15 second intervals.)

In a large bowl, melt the butter over a double boiler. Add the cream cheese and whisk well to combine.

In another bowl, combine the egg yolks and 20g of sugar. Mix in the cornstarch.

Heat the milk so it comes to a boil. Add it to the egg yolks and whisk until it thickens in a double boiler over boiling water. Add this mixture to the cream cheese and combine well.

Add a small amount of the 55g of sugar to the egg whites and mix on medium low speed for about 2 minutes. Gradually add the remaining sugar to the egg whites and beat on medium until a soft meringue forms.

Add ¼ of the meringue to the cream cheese mixture and combine. Add the remaining meringue to the cream cheese mixture and fold to combine.  Fill the cake pan and smooth the top.

Put the cake pan in a roasting pan and add boiling water so it comes up 1-1.5 cm up the cake pan. Bake for 15 minutes and then lower the temperature to 160°C and continue to bake for 25 minutes until the top turns slightly golden. Turn off the oven and leave the cake pan for another 40 minutes to an hour.  (I left mine for 40 minutes.)

Note: The cake will continue to bake with the heat off so do not over bake. Depending on the oven, the cake may not turn golden but should avoid cooking much longer than the suggested time.

Take the cake out of the roasting dish and place on a wire rack to cool completely. Refrigerate and chill completely before taking it out of the pan.  It is best served the second day.

10 thoughts on “Best Japanese Cheesecake Ever

    • Thank you. It’s lighter than American cheesecake and no graham cracker crust, with an almost souffle like texture. It is light, creamy, and melts in your mouth. I like it most because its not so sweet.

  1. Thank you for the conversions! I have been (very poorly) trying to do the math for the last 30 minutes. Looking forward to getting this cheesecake made, finally 🙂

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