Are you ready for 2012? I AM!!!

I’ve got My money, My blackberry and My diary

Those 3 items I consider pretty much would be my essentials for 2012, am sure I’ll have more come up along the year. But for now, these 3 is all I can think about.

Money is I am sure, essential for everyone. I know money cant buy you happiness, but then again I am sure you know what I am talking about. Right?

Blackberry is pretty much my best friend ever since I give up Nokia, always with me no matter where I go, keep me in touch with friends, keep me entertain when I am bored, saved me on every awkward situation. Basically I wont know what to do with my life if I hasn’t  got one. Nahh…just kidding! Actually I used to have Blackberry Onyx 9700 for 2 years. I love the thickness, the features and just about everything, I probably am attached to it too much, we are inseparable until few nights ago Dec 22 2011, over emotional issues because someone keep rejecting my calls, I smashed it like 100 times onto the wall so it would break in pieces. And it did. There it goes my phone, died. Forever )=

But lucky me, that someone replace my phone, even though I wanted to get the exact same model, apparently they don’t sell that model anymore, and if I really want to, I’ll end up with 2nd hand one. Nope, don’t want that! I also have the option between iPhone4 or Samsung Galaxy Note. I was tempted to get the iPhone because it got instagram, but the thought of not being able to bbm-ing my friend, killed it. So thats it, I ended up with Blackberry Torch. Therefore thats the major reason why it became one of essential for my 2012, I almost don’t have one. Almost….

Diary for me is a must, even though most of times I only write like once a month on it or whenever I feel the need to write down something very very personal. But on a good day, I can write anything just about everyday, maybe three times a day. But that wont happen for long, top is 7 days in a row, then quite for few months.

What about you? Are you ready? And what do you think you would need the most so you can be prepared for 2012? Am sure each of us got different ideas.

9 thoughts on “Are you ready for 2012? I AM!!!

    • If money weren’t on my top 3 list, I would have the exact essentials item with you, Gilly ☺

      Not that I have a lot of money, its more about me being secure about my financial for the first 6 months of 2012. I have not been in a long time ☹

      Maybe I should edit my post so I don’t sounds too arrogant ☺

      N e n g

  1. lovely post. may you have a great year ahead.

    for the new year – what I want and need badly is a mind that can concentrate on work 🙂

    • Thank you! I wish you the great year ahead too.

      I know you can/will concentrate better on your work ☺ if you put your mind into it ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ (⌒˛⌒)

      N e n g

  2. How do you like the Torch? I had a Blackberry Pearl for a while. I liked the Blackberry platform, but the construction of the Pearl model wasn’t very good. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to a Blackberry, though I can’t say what I’ve switched to (the Samsung Continuum) has been much better!

    Hurraaaaay for 2012! I hope it brings you tons of happiness, Mizz!

    • I think I quite like it ☺ bigger screen!!! But am still trying to get use with the “touch” features. Not a big fan of it. Other than that, am pretty ecstatic about my Torch ♥

      I am not sure about the pearl model, but I heard the Samsung is pretty darn good.

      I love your positive energy for the 2012. Hope it brings you lots of happiness too ☺


      N e n g

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