After 4,5 year going to Batam International University (Universitas Internasional Batam/UIB), on wednesday 16 November 2011, I am officially getting my Bachelor of Law degree. Its not something that come easy. I am sure everyone who been through university to pursue their degree knows exactly what I mean, especially the one who is not blessed with a big brain; like me.

Average student should be able to finish their degree in 4 years, and the brilliant ones would do it in 3,5 years, while me; the lazy and not so smart one, in 4,5 years. Fiuuuhhhhhh….such a relieve. Sure I didn’t ended up with Cum Laude but with GPA (IPK) 3.25 words cant explain how happy I am to be free from anything related with university. I am NOT pursuing for Master Degree. Not for a while. And thats ok.

Herewith I would like to thanks everyone who have been there to support me, forced me to go to class when I don’t really feel like putting any knowledge into my brain:

1. Gavin Hodge, thank you baby for everything. I wouldn’t make it without your support.

2. Mom n Dad, thank you.

3. My bff Yannty Chang, thank you for everything. We sure had our good times in class observing everyone πŸ™‚

4. Everyone who I cant mention one by one, you know who you are.

So yeah, I feel like I have just finished one chapter of my life. Whats next? God knows.


12 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congratulations. Studying at university is very challenging. I help some students via the internet. Two students in China have a new assignment and I have given them advice this morning. I am good at writing but I hope I don;t have to advise on the maths part of the question! It appears to be very complicated!

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