Nothing you can do without being criticized


16 thoughts on “Nothing you can do without being criticized

  1. That is a very strong statement on the attitudes in the world. It’s very important that we should stand by our personal beliefs and dreams. No one should be telling individuals what sex, race, colour or creed they are. Well done for standing up for this principle.

  2. Very true. But one should always remember that people will pass judgement on almost everything. So why mind at all. Be your own judge. Do the right. Do… good. 🙂

  3. So right… for those who enjoy being our critics, we should all say together and loud enough, ” It’s great to be me. I like who I am. If you can’t take that then get lost or better, just keep being a sour grape!” I realized in this life we can never please everyone so who cares about what they think. If they don’t pay your bills or do anything for you, they are dispensable and not worth stressing about. What matters if you are happy, that you are good to others and your conscience is clear. Cool post!

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