Its midnight in Batam Island and am not sleepy, because I’ve been sleeping all morning in The Royale Chulan Hotel room trying as much as I can to enjoy the super duper comfy bed until check out time, also I need to wait for Gavin till he got back from work at 1 pm before we catch our plane. But, we ended up catching a bus to Singapore. Duh…There it go, 5 hours ride! So I just ended sleeping more. Ok not full 5 hours, but still, all those sleeping or snoozing causing me to be extra awake now. So its time to blog! I decide I wanna blog about my new lover. My CHANEL!

Am talking about that particular famous brand.
Becauuuuuussseee….I just got some bags!!!

Chanel Shopping ♥

I feel like as if my trip to europe was a hunt for CHANEL bags. I’ve been planning it like 6 months before my trip on the 27th of Aug 2011. Picking which bag I wanted, what color, silver or golden chain etc. Am excited for just thinking about them. I actually experiencing sleep deprive! I think am going crazy lol

But fiiiirrrssttt
I’d like to confess, that at first, I didn’t really think I was going to get this bag ever. EVER. Even if am a billionaire. I think its too pricy. Like ridiculously pricey. Why would you want to spend so much just for a handbag? Well, am going to answer that now. With a lil bit of story.

I am as a person not particularly crazy about expensive brand or something like that. As matter of fact, I rather buy a “no brand” bags instead of the “fake branded bags” so long it looks good to me and got the features that I need. A proper bag to me is the one that got zipper and flapped so it is safe.

I used to buy Mango bags. I love love love the leather color bag. It cost about USD$ 50,-. From where I come from its still expensive you know. But I have this rule that a bag shouldn’t cost more than USD$ 100,-. So, its still ok to buy that bag.

My fav Mango bag

My Debenhams Bag

I am the kind of person, IF I like something, I wear it all the time. I don’t really try to match my bag with my today outfit. Thats also why I like to buy something timeless. So the bag is kool, timeless color, got the features I need and handy. BUT, I can only use it for couple of months until it tear apart. The result of no good quality material. Thats it! I have to hunt for a new bag, and oh…its not that easy to find the bag quite the one you like. This is the part I don’t like. I did managed to find another bag, but not quite the one I want 😦

Thats reason numero uno. I wants a good quality timeless bag that I can wear forever. The formula:

Good quality = Good material = Extra cost = Expensive = $$$$$$

Ok. Am falling asleep now zzzz…I’ll continue tomorrow or whenever

Reason #2:
I never like it when Gavin is away from me. I get it, he gotta go to work in the morning. But if he is also away at night because of his job is somewhere else in the other part of the map on the other country. Its HARD!!! REALLY HARD!

So I tax him every time this situation happening. Usually its because he got a project to finish. At his B.U.S.Y time, he can handle up to 4 different projects. Imagine how occupied he is, and no time left for me. So, I think in my own mini brain, I justified it with these lovely bags. 1 project for 1 bag!

He was working on 4 project prior to the europe trip. Thats mean 4 bags!!! Oh well, I ended up with 3 different bags and a wallet of CHANEL. YaY!

But, deep inside I believe, he allow me to buy these bags because he love me so much.

Why buy in Europe?
Simply because its a lot cheaper. And you will also get your tax refund.

Please remember, just because you got all the money, doesn’t mean you can buy the Chanel bags (especially the classic one) anytime you go to their shop.

Going up to titlis mountain in Austria

I was lucky I got my classic caviar black flap bag with golden hardware in London, thats the last one they got. And I was in the shop like 10am in the morning. Otherwise its gunna be full with chinese. Hahaha…the guy said, in the summer their shop is full of asian. In London, one person can only buy 1 bag in 1 season. Geez huh! So if you wanna buy a lot of bag, come bring your whole family.

The quest for the bag continue in europe. I didn’t really look in Munich Germany, I was still too excited about my first Chanel. I decide I’ll start looking in Italy, as the one I got in London marked “Made in Italy”. I was kinda hoping it will be cheaper. In Rome, there is one and only Chanel shop near the Spanish steps. And they don’t have the bag I wanted. Bummer! I hope Barcelona would have it.

In Barcelona, its also one and only shop at Passeig De Gracia. And NOPE, they don’t have it also! Dammmm… I am getting worried, what if they don’t have it anywhere else?. My last hope is Paris and London Heathrow Airport.

Chanel Shop at Rue Cambon

In Paris, they have about 5 or 6 shops (YaY!), of course you have to go to the legendary Chanel shop the one at Rue Cambon, where Coco Chanel debut her iconic bag and nowadays is office to Karl Lagerfeld as Creative Director for Chanel. Though they don’t have the bag I wanted, the sales assistant girl was so nice to me and show me the legendary mirror stairs. Then I went to the shop at Rue Royale, NONE! They told me to comeback again the next day, maybe they got new one delivered.

Chanel at Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Next stop is the one at Avenue Montaigne. I rise my hopes every time me n Gavin strolling along in Paris just looking for these shops. We ended up spotting 2 more shop on our way to Montaigne, and still ZERO result. Finally we get to Montaigne, AND they got 1 of the 2 bags that I wanted. Though I originally wants a black GST bag, I’ll take the cream caviar one, with gold chain. I also got a simple red wallet marked “Made in France” very happy about this one. I also wanted a cream color gold chain flap bag, NOT AVAILABLE. “Comeback again tomorrow, maybe we will have it.”

Buuuuttttt, this sales guy, come up with a HOT white color silver chain flap bag. Oh nooo….I am now in dilemma. Choosing between white and cream. Well, cream color not available for today. While my heart desire the cream one so badly, the white one is actually quite stunning. I just wish it come with gold chain, I would have said yes right away. Anyway, comeback tomorrow 🙂

We only have 3 days in Paris, and its pretty much about going in and out of Chanel shops. Of course we visited the notorious Eiffel Tower. I wait till our last day in Paris, I ended up getting the white one. And I am actually very happy about it. Gav said the color suits me well. Thanks baby!


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