My Resignation Letter

Dear Greg,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Site office admin with Leighton effective 8th August 2011, thus making 6th August 2011 as my last day. I have not sign anything re my employment with Adiartha yet, so should not be any problem.

Global is full of shit, and am not taking it anymore. I don’t want to work within their environment. I know the job and what Leighton need but Global is makin it hard for me cause they know that I know they are trying to rip Leighton off. Leighton has always have my best interest and they probably know about me telling you and Steve that their rates are too high, thats probably why Gerrit is always takin it on me. I strongly believe they makin it hard just for about anyone and trying to milk as much as they can from Leighton. I hope you can sort out the commercial issues with Global soon.

I’ve worked in various different shipyard before, but nothing like this. Instead of being helpful and supportive for their client, Global is totally being a pain in the ass. I am not happy working with them, and thats my problem, so am backing off.

To be honest, I love working with you guys and am very excited about it, unfortunately its in Global.

Attached are my timesheet, Tony can verify my working hours.

Best of luck with BOA33.

Best Rgds,

My boss reply and asked me to work for another week at least.

PS: Global is the company where Leighton do their barge out fitting work at.


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