Email for my possibly future boss

I am working again. And they are going to pay me SGD$15 per hour. YaY!
Trust me, thats quite a salary for where I am from. Anyway…

Earlier today, around 11am, I went for an interview. Everything went well. They would have prefer me to start working right away after the interview. But I cant! So am starting tomorrow. Saturday huh….gdsjhdgjhdgd…. -__-”

The Shipyard

I might go here everyday for work for a month

I’ll be working for Saipem Leighton Consortium small project at a shipyard, site office, where I will have to drive all the way to the end of the island, dusty and dirty road. So its not gonna be anything fancy. I’ll be working as site admin for a barge outfitting job. My task is basically to help them out with every small things. Running errand, doing admin work, get them pencils if they wanted me to, print their drawing, get them coffee, buy them cake to cheer them up on their busy hectic days, book their flights and ferries, and make sure they got a nice comfy bed in their hotel, and bla bla bla a lot more…AM LOVIN IT!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of job.

But Houston, we have a problem! Ok, not we, but ME!
I got a problem! 😦

Before I went for interview, all I know is that they only going to need me for a month. So its perfect right? Well, if you been following my blog, you should know that I am off to Europe on Aug 27th 2011 for 3 weeks holiday. So I’d perfectly got a month to work with them if am starting tomorrow 30 July 2011.

But now I find out, that they gonna need me for 2 months ;((((

Should I tell them about me only available for a month? But if I tell them, will they still want me to work for them? or they gonna find someone else instead? someone that going to be available for them for as long as they need. I don’t want that, I want to do this job! But would they take me for a month? I’ll be back after 20 days!

I dont know 😦
What should I do?
Should I tell them the truth (with possibility of them canceling my contract)?
Or should I just be quiet now (so I can do what I love to do) and then resign when its close to my departure date?

I dont know ;(

But if I were to be honest, this is probably how I am going to tell my “Possibly Future Boss” via email:

Hi Greg,

I am sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier, I was too excited about working with you guys, but I am going to be honest with you now, that I wont be available from Aug 26th onwards. It is something that I already planned way back when. So it cant be altered.

But I am also going to be very very honest with you, that I would be ecstatic if you and your company would hire me for a month. Because I am just loving this kind of job, this is what I love to do. And if you would still want me once I got back to Batam, I’ll be very very happy to resume my work with you guys. And IF you do decide to hire me anyway, I’ll be more than happy to find you my (temporary) replacement for when am away.

Incase you decide to find someone else, I would totally understand.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.
I really do look forward to be able to serve you guys.

Have a nice evening.

Kind Rgds,


9 thoughts on “Email for my possibly future boss

  1. Awww! 😦 Things like that happen all the time, it seems. I would be honest with them. If only to ensure that you maintain a good relationship and they view you are a responsible and reliable person. Trust that it will work out for the best.

  2. Hi Mizz, thats a tough one…bottom line is that you have to be honest, shows you have integrity…so heres my advice..find a replacement first, asap..then go to them and say what you just wrote to the boss, and tell them you’ve already arranged for a replacement, make sure they know that originally you thought it was for only one month..thats my opinion…good luck either way 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments – apprecaited

  3. Congratulations on getting a job that you love doing. I think that is the most important thing. I like the way you wrote your letter because you are being up front with them. I think your boss will appreciate that. Hope all goes well for you!

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