Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

Balinese Traditional Costume


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

  1. are you the one in the picture? so lovely and really fits for the costume.anyway the Balinese costume is really eye catching because of the different colors with matching accessories.The background itself is colorful.

  2. Hi Mizz,
    Beautiful and colorful. I really like how the photo is framed in the doorway and between the statues with their own alternating colors. Lovely photo. And thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks. Yes, this is one of it, from Bali…we have lots and lots more from other province with other culture.

      You’re most welcome☺

    • Good evening from Indonesia☺
      I am glad its brighten your day.
      Thanks for the comment & the visit and I hope you have a colorful day today.

  3. She’s colourful alright 🙂 Always good to see people wearing their traditional clothing. That’s a nicely organised shot – are the statues significant?

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