Day 8: Evil

Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit

This is NOT something I wanna write about, but maybe by bringing this out, I can feel so much relief that I am not in that situation anymore. Am not sure if I should go detail so you guys can feel what I am going through, maybe not!

Well, below are couple of Evils I’ve met in my life:

1. AA
A guy that put me thru HELL, I was married and having a 4 years relationship with him. I believe he loved me, but in a very different way. Way that no one would approve. He made me to believe that if I break up with him, No one would want to have relationship with me ever again. I was so scared. It took me a long times to finally break away from him.

2. RK
A girlfriend that treated me like SHIT because I was poorer than her (I was jobless). I believe she only befriend with me because her friend that happened to be more rich than her is befriending with me (complicated?). So in order to be able to go out with that rich girl, she also have to deal with me, because the rich girl loves to be friend and hanging out with me.

One day, we go hangout together to eat something. And at my present, she ONLY offered her food to the rich girl, as if am not exist. SAD! Not because I want the food, but because she DO know thats offensive, VERY VERY offensive! Rude and heartless and cruel and mean! but still doing it. I know am not paying the bill, but she don’t have to do that to me. She hurt me mentally.

Though am deeply hurt inside, I don’t say anything about it. I pretend like nothing serious happened. I try not to take it personally. And I seriously believe, she is like that because she is not getting enough loving from anyone. Ever since I try my best to NOT hang out wit her…or if we gonna hang out, I avoid any activity that gonna include paying bills.

I cant believe anyone can be so evil like that!

Anyway, my list can go on and on and on. But those 2 evils has set the bench mark for me!

So, how do you deal with mean people?

PS: I steal the picture from here

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