Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living for?

I first thought, this question is quite rhetorical, we already know the (general) answer. You ask anyone, and likely 8 out of 10 would tell you that it is either their boyfriend, spouse, husband, lover, soulmate, partner, pumpkin, sweetbum, honeybee, jellybee, bubu, and (whatever you can come up with) etc, etc.

But then I run down on everyone on Jena’s related articles regarding this topic. I was WRONG! Its only 4 out of 12 that come up with the answer that I thought it would be.

Oh well, I guess I am assuming like that simply because thats what my answer gonna be.

With me, being a hopeless romantic person I am, the answer would always, always be definitely My Man! Who I am with at the moment question asked. So if you were to asked me 6 years ago, I’ll be talking about different guy.

But at the moment, when am typing this, blogging about this, I am currently deep in ♥ with Gavin Hodge. I am head over heels. YaY! I look forward to be with him everyday and every night (24/7 if possible). He makes me happy, he never failed to support me whenever I needed him, he makes me think of a glass half full instead of a glass half empty, and whatever cheesy things you can think of.

Basically, my life is worth living so I can get more and more and more loving from him. My life is equally worth living so I can love him more and more everyday.

Geez…am so full of cheese 😀

SunSet-ing in Darwin

Revealed Truth
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14 thoughts on “Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living for?

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  2. Hi babe,
    That’s made my day sensational!
    I love u like crazy!!!!!
    Will be home real sooooooon 🙂


    • ohhh…don’t be pessimistic like that ☹
      You’ll have one soooonnnn!

      Thanks for the compliment ☺ ♡

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