Day 6: Never, pliiiisssss!

Alright, on day 6, I am to write about  something I hope I never have to do.

It would be:

1. Sleep alone! Cuz I am terrified of being alone at night. Am not sure if there is a term for that. I’ll google it later. I used to have sleeping buddy, a male, not a boyfriend, just a good friend (with NO benefit), but now my current man wouldn’t allow me to do that anymore. So as a resolution, I have to follow him wherever he go, mostly around SEA (Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc).

2. End my relationship (Again!)! But am getting good at doing this after my previous relationship breakdown. I used to be the one who try and work on the relationship, and hoping for it to works, but it was just me fighting alone. After suffering and being idiot for awhile I learned, if I started to feel uncomfortable with someone, thats mean, I need to end my relationship with that person. It will hurt, but I’ll be happier in the long run. As a person, I long for a serious monogamy longterm relationship with A man, FOR-E-VER would just be perfect. So, I HOPE I will NEVER EVER have to end my relationship ever again.

3. Dying! If am gonna die, please please please God, make it happen in the most quickest possible way.

Thats it!

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7 thoughts on “Day 6: Never, pliiiisssss!

    • ….and cold!

      Thanks for the pingback. How did you do it like the one on your post?
      I dont quite like it the way it came up onto my page 😦

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  2. I also really hate sleeping alone. I get more and more used to it, but there is nothing like sleeping with someone else, especially someone you care about.

  3. Sleeping along is definitely difficult when you’re used to sleeping with someone else, whether they cuddle or not. It’s just nice to know that you’ll open your eyes and see someone there, even if you have to roll over or look over your shoulder. 🙂
    I love seeing my Babe right before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up. Best thing ever!

    • Yess…I probably should edit and add what you just wrote on my post ☺.

      I love how safe I feel when I know someone is sleeping next to me…and its even better if its HIM!

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