Day 5: My Hope

There is a saying that “In life, you just cant get everything you wants!” Maybe its true, because for me, in my life, I’ve pretty much got everything that I ever wanted but A Baby!

I know for most of peoples, they fall pregnant easily. But for me, it seems impossible now. Now? Yes! Because I’ve been pregnant before, and I aborted for a reason that am not ready to have baby just yet. I was 19yo.

I am now 27yo, and been trying to have a baby (girl, if possible) for almost 2 years now. There are times, when I think that God is mad at me because of what I’ve done, so this is like kinda punishment. I am sentenced to be infertile for the rest of my life!

But some other times, I think I should just take it easy, and never give up trying.

I do HOPE that one day in the future I can go shopping with my lil girl (or boy), I can buy them ice cream, I wanna drop them off and pick them up from school, I wanna take them going to cinema watching 3D kids movies. I wanna buy them lil feet some lil cute shoes. Oh…I got a lot in mind of what am gonna do if I have babies.

As a women, thats all I HOPE for now!

baby feet

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15 thoughts on “Day 5: My Hope

  1. maybe I am allowed to mention, that I (given after birth into an orphanage) was adopted later on by a woman, who could not get babies after an abortion…

  2. I’m crossing my fingers so that you could still get your wish and make it come true by Gods grace..God is too good he won’t be punishing you instead he’ll bless you for you have accepted your faults from yesterday.I just wish and pray that your hopes would turn into reality soon..

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