Day 4: I Forgive You

Talking about forgiving someone, I am not the kind of person who don’t forgive easily. I do get my heart aching and broken into pieces. I do cry a river for months for things they have done to me. But thats it, once am done crying, am done with them. I carry on with my life.

But if I have to highlight someone for what they have done, it would be Trevor. I forgive him for giving up on me. I probably should thank him for that.

I forgive him for pretending that he loves me.
I forgive him to make me believe in him.
I forgive him for all his lies.

But on top of that all,
I forgive him for freaking wasting my time.
And I genuinely do hope he is having a good life without me 🙂

And for someone out there who cant forgive someone easily, here are 5 steps to Forgiveness:

1. Forgive yourself for any harm you may have caused to yourself and anyone else.

2. Forgive the other person for any harm he or she has caused you. (Forgive the person, not the deed!)

3. Give the other person permission to forgive you for any harm you may have caused. Maybe you did something you weren’t aware you did. It is not recommended that the other person knows you are taking this step. You are doing this for you!

4. Learn the lesson… find some good from the experience that can benefit you. You can always learn something from every experience.
–You can now sympathize with others who have been through this
–You are now more conscious/understanding of the feelings of others
–You can now better protect your children from what you learned
Find the good, and then feel the good!

5. Wish the other person well. Give up the chance to get even.

Note: You must carry out these steps with feeling and emotion

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13 thoughts on “Day 4: I Forgive You

  1. I had to learn to forgive (me or others) – because you can’t go on with life happily, if you do not forgive – or at least forget. If you can’t forget, you will destroy yourself.
    greetings by grandpa frizz

  2. I have learned that holding grudges does nothing but give us a bitter attitude. I’d much rather forgive and move on. Great post. I am doing the 30 day truth challenge as well. 🙂

  3. Very nice post! Forgiveness is so essential for those who are hurt; otherwise, we simply continue to carry the burden, doing more harm than good in the long run.

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