Day 3: I Forgive Me, Always

I cant remember of something really bad that I did to myself that its hard for me to forgive myself for it.

I do blame myself a lot for things I’ve done in the past, but I’ve also accepted all the mistakes that I made and look at it as a part of growing up and not as something that I should hold a grudge about.

If there is anything that I have to forgive myself is when I was doing my Law Degree, I was sooo NOT INTO it I’m taking my time to finish it. I should have finished it in 3,5 years cus I know am smart 😀 . But I ended up finishing it in 4,5 years. Ugh….I pay for my own Uni, so I had to bust my ass off for extra 1,5 years.

I also forgive me for NOT being able to swim, I Love Beach…and water…and I wanna go scuba diving, but I cant swim ;(((((

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6 thoughts on “Day 3: I Forgive Me, Always

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  2. Heck man,
    why do i see us on the same page, Darn!
    i too cant swim, though being a pirate for about 2years.

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