Universal Studio Singapore

Its school holiday in Indonesia, so on last Wednesday (July 6th 2011) I am taking my lil sister who is still in first year primary school for a day trip to Universal Studio Singapore (USS). I also take my mom and my other sister (her nick name is Tits).

We went on early morning 7am ferry ride from Batam Island, which get us to SG for approx 1 hour. By the time we arrive in Singapore its 9am Singapore time already, cuz SG is 1 hour ahead of Batam time.

We arrive at Harbour Front, then go across to Vivo City, from there we catch a Monorail to get to USS for a cost of SGD$3 each person.

The theme park only open at 10am, but the entrance already packed, 4 rows of a very loooooong q that never seem to end. We lucky we got early, so we q early n get to enter the theme park earlier. YaY!

The first stop is Hollywood. Its like THE main entrance to get around the theme park. A lot of merchandise shops and no adrenaline sort of attraction at all. But it will give you an idea of how Hollywood is. I like the Hall of Fame bits. I cant find Angelina Jolie name though

From Hollywood, you can go both side, left or right. Me, mom, Tits and Netta are goin right. So we enter New York Theme Park, to me its the whole America in one theme, a mini new york. We didnt stayed long there. Takin few pics with old cars, then moved on to the next theme.

Walkin into Sci-fi City, that give you that sort of look of how future might be (or gunna looks like). I think the major idea of this theme is Battlestar Galactica. I enjoyed this theme the most, cuz it got 2 massive roller coaster, I called it Blue and Red, but the folks at USS named it The Cyclon Raider and The Human Viper. Me and Tits are so nervous about doin this ride, too bad Netta cant join in, because she is below 122cm tall. The ride was upside down, twisting, turning, tilting, u named it. Am so scared I closed my eyes all the time. Such a poofter I am!!! Tits was screaming.

Next stop is Ancient Egypt. You’ll be fascinated by the massive tall Pyramid and Obelisk (Okay, not THAAAAT massive!) I personally feels like am inside “The Mummy” the movie (If you watched this movie, you’ll know what am talkin about). Here you get the chance to do indoor roller coaster that I believe was inspired by the movie “The Mummy”, you will meet Imhotep (a lot of Imhotep actually) and scarabs. Again, its just me n Tits, Netta is still under 122cm tall 😦 my poor sister, she can comeback another 2 years.

My mom, she scared of everything, weak hearted, so she just sit aside and look after our loose item 🙂

Leaving Egypt, you enter The Lost World Theme Park. This is the theme that children’s love. Netta get to do her first ride on Dino soarin, sort of like carousel. She so freakin happy! Then 4 of us (after having a hard time convincing my mom that this ride gonna be slow and no tiltin, turnin etc cuz its for kids), q ing for a junior roller coaster. Then it get hilarious, cus its scared the shit out of my mom. HaHaHa…she said she so scared her tummy become hard from holding her breath. But seriously…it was nothing, no turnin,tiltin, twistin etc. But it was quicker that i thought…hahaha (perhaps am bein so mean to my mom, sorry mom!)

Q ing for Junior Roller Coaster

After that, mom say NO to every attraction we ask her to…hahahhhhahah

Back to back with The Lost World is Far Far Away theme park. As you can imagined, it features Shrek fairy tales. Netta loves this park. I didn’t enjoy the Donkey show, I think its a waste of time. But Netta enjoy the junior roller coaster.

Leaving Far Far Away you’ll see the “Welcome to Madagascar” signage. Of course this theme based on the “Madagascar” the movie. Again, i believe this theme park was designed for kids. Netta so excited about it.

By 3pm we arrive at the Hollywood park again. Some more pictures. Then me n Tits decide we wanna do more of Blue and Red roller coaster, cuz surprisingly there was no long q. Tits quits after her 2nd Red ride, but I want more. So I ended up doin Blue and Red 4 times each in total. Happy ending!!!

Front left...I am riding

Click here for a comprehensive information about Universal Studio Singapore.


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