Europe here i come…

My Traveling Flats

I am so excited for my 2011 Trip to Europe starting at the end of this August
Of course its only gunna happen if my both visa, London n Europe are approve by both embassies.

The Essentials

Pic is the cities hopping plan:


20 thoughts on “Europe here i come…

    • I WANNA!! But not this time ;( I’ll have to wait till 2013

      Thanks for droppin by, I’ll def got some question for you re this europe trip

  1. London is amazing, I’m sure you’re going to love it ! 🙂
    You have to walk along the wharf between the London Eye and the Tate Modern Museum, it’s so lovely. About the Tate Modern, if you’re going to the last floor (the restaurant) you could see a wonderful view of London.
    The national museum are free, you just have to make a donation but that’s so cheap for the art and knowledge that you can access. 😉

    • Am Lovin London already…Its one of the 2 cities am always excited about beside New York. (And I’ve been to NY, YaY!)

      I deff need some insider tips, and yours are truly appreciated, I’ll be there for approx 4 days, so i wanna make the most of it.

      Thanks Isabelle

  2. I will think about some other tips to visit London and Paris… I can’t write it today because I will not have much time but tomorrow I will start I think ! 🙂

  3. You won’t get Litres of Beer in London – comes in Pints 😉 Try something like Fullers London Pride or Young’s Special if you haven’t already! Hope you have a great time 🙂

    • I am planning to have beer in Munich 🙂 I’ll have a look on about Fullers…Thanks for the tips. and Thank You…I will deff be having a great fun 🙂

    • If my Visa’s approved, then i will consider myself lucky…otherwise no europe ;(((

      I am checking out the website now. Thank You 🙂


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