Day 2: I ♥ Me

Something I Love about Myself?

I LOVE EVERYTHING about myself, NOT just something.
If I were a guy, would I date me? OF COURSE, I’ll marry me…hahahaha
Am such a narcissistic 😀

But beyond all that,
I love that deep inside I know am very genuine n kind hearted
If I wanna do something for someone, be it friends, relatives, or even stranger, I’ll do it without expecting anything back in returns. I do it because it makes me happy 🙂

I love that I am hopelessly romantic…am not sure if that should be somthin you should love yourself about, but I just love it. I love bein gaga head over heels…jajajajaja ♥.♥

I think the list can go on and on and on…blah

And oh…I also love that I can be silly sometimes…MOST of the times actually

Just bein Silly

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