Day 1: Something I Hate About Myself

I am such a Lazy gurl!
I try to do things last minute, and only because i have no other choice, most of them ended up givin me trouble.

I hate that I often lack of passion, just about to do anything.
One day am burnin with passion to blog, but thats just it, just one day, the next day i dont even wanna think about it. One day am so excited about Yoga n exercising I go buy all the gear and outfit i need, the next day i just wanna sleep on my comfy bed.

I hate that I trust people easily, then they betray me, then I forgive them. Then they do it again, and STILL i forgive them. I think its called stupid.

I hate that I cant control myself when am havin bad temper. I usually ended up regretting what I’ve said or done bcuz of the anger.

I hate that I always try n please others.
I used to worried alot about wot ppls says abt me, but these days am gettin better at ignorin it.

6 thoughts on “Day 1: Something I Hate About Myself

  1. Love your post! I have been looking for your post😀 it wouldn’t let me come here before😦 Keep up with the 20 day challenge. I think we all fall into the lazy zone sometimes. Maybe one day you will find passion to complete something rather it is blogging, exercising, or etc. Hope to read more🙂

  2. Though being an IT, I dont really know much of blogging;
    But what you wrote up makes a lot of sense and what i would like to say about it is;
    its S!MPLY AW3$OM3🙂

    Be what you are, thats perfectly all right, what you feel & do.
    its sheer Rawness of Simplicity & a Pure Soul
    of what you have described above.

    Dont even think of changing an inch for any Shit or any Tom, Dick & Harry.

    Keep up the Good Job.


    • Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment. Blogging is great, its like having a cyber best friend who you can tell anything you want🙂

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