Proud Owner of Nikon D5100

I am soooo excited for my newly addition gadget.
The super sleek baby DSLR Nikon D5100.

I got it yesterday, Thursday 16 June 2011 in Singapore, for a price of SGD$ 1250.
I didn’t get the Nikon lensed for it, but i change for Sigma 70-300 mm lensed instead.

To be honest, I have no idea on how using it, other than Basic Tutorial I posted on my previous blog.
But I AM determined to learn about it, i might go for short photography courses, which I’ll have to look up later.

For now I just wanna show it off a lil bit, here a few snap shot I just took this morning using my digital camera Sony DSC-T90 (which am gunna let go to my sis soon 🙂 )

Check this beauty out:

Front view

Rear view

Sexy back

I hope this Nikon baby will help me to take beautiful pictures in the Future.


One thought on “Proud Owner of Nikon D5100

  1. I also own a D5100 and it´s a wonderfull piece of equipment, following the tutorial on the manual you wouldn´t find any difficulties. congratulations on your purchase.

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