Durian VS Jengkol

In the last 2 days, i ate too much Durian n Jengkol a.k.a Dogfruit.

My new maid, Bik Marni, is a good cook. She is from Java area, and she cooked Semur Jengkol very well…yummm. See for yourself 🙂

Semur Jengkol

I also am cravin for durian lately, and just cant help it when i spot street Durian seller. I just have to stop by and get 2 or 3 durians.

So, I happened to eat jengkol and durian one after another. I eat durian while my Bibik is makin Semur Jengkol, then I ate the semur jengkol after that, and then I eat durian again to cover the bad smell caused by Jengkol.

And am doin this 2 days in a row… –____–”

So, I wonder if its dangerous, cuz i believe both are heaty….ummm….am googling it now

We will talk abt Jengkol First:

In Indonesia, its called Jengkol, in English its called Ngapi Nut or Dogfruit (am not quite sure abt this), and in high class scientific language its called Archidendron pauciflorum.

Jengkol is a native fruits for Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & Myanmar). Its notorious for its offensive smell. But peoples and me loved it for its chewy good amazin taste. Am a Jengkol Lover 🙂 YaY

Jengkol got bad smell because its contains lots of sulfur acid. So thats why when you eat them, you will have bad breath, your pee n poo will just havin about the same smell. But from my personal experience, its not always happen. Sometimes I was just doin fine after jengkol fiesta.

While most of all these time I thought Jengkol is nothin good but the taste, I am actually surprise with what i found on google that Jengkol has also got its good side. GOOD NEWS!!!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy *jumpin jumpin*

Apparently, Jengkol contains lots of Vitamin A, B & C, Protein, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Iron, and some more. So with all of this component, Jengkol are believed to help prevent diabetes, lower your blood sugar and do good for your heart condition.

IF THIS IS TRUE, oh maannn…am so excited!

But just like everyone else know of, Jengkol has its negative effects. Jengkol contains bad acid (Jengkolic acid?) that causing crystallization on your urinary. The symptoms are stomach ache, nausea, urinating pain, bloody urine, and it can even get to a situation where you wanna pee sooo badly, but it just wont come out, its gonna be so painful you gonna cry your heart out.


Buuuuttt…that does not happen to everyone, if your blood pH are neutral, you should be ok, but if your blood pH level are less than 7, i reckoned you should behave yourself…i dunno how u gunna check your blood pH, but if you’re a Jengkol addict or Jengkol Lover, you betta find out…

As for me, i’ve ate lots of Jengkol and am fine, so i guess my blood pH are neutral 🙂 YaY
Am gunna eat lots more….yayayayayaya….

Next is Durian:

Sticky rice with Durian

Well, EVERYONE knows Durian these days, who doesn’t? who? WHO?
So am not gunna bother you guys with Durian in details. Blah…
Except: I Freakin LOOooooVVVVeeee Durians!


So, I dunno, i am ok, no problem after 2 days in a row eatin Durian n Jengkol one after another!
So i guess the conclusion is;

I am OK, no problem. But dunno about anyone else
Anyone had problem by having Durian and Jengkol one after another before?
If you read this, and you got problem. Please share


Namaku Sugeng
Photos are from my Flickr album


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