Massage & Spa Review: Glow Spa Vietnam

Ive been wanting to write my review or comments re spas or massages places ive been to, but my lazyness defeat my wants to bloggin about it. Anyway today seems like my wants defeat my lazyness, n hopefully i can keep goin like this…amen! Yay

Well, i happen to be in HCMC a.k.a Saigon in Vietnam. After 2 hours or so roamin around The Ben Tanh Market, i decided i need a good massage, thanks to aunty google, that lead me to tripadvisor site, which lead me to Glow Spa.

I arrived at the venue around 6.20pm ish. Not easy to find when no one speak english n no proper signage that direct u to The Glow Spa. But oh well, i managed to didnt i?

I followed the sign down a small street which led me up a garden pass. Its about 15 steps away, i can see the Glow Spa entrance, stepping stones goin into green garden. You cant really see any building.

I walk up the stepping stones into the cute and modern spa. A lady is about to do some religious ritual, but she stopped and welcome me instead. She gave me the treatment menu, and i opted for foot reflexology and energetic asian massage. She get me to wait in the reflexi room while my therapist is gettin the stuff ready.

She came bringin some drink and wet towel, but she didnt offer it to me at all so i didnt drink it, but i believe its green tea. I also didnt use the wet towel. Then she comeback bringin a bucket of warm water, wash my feet, wipe n then startin the massage. She is a small petite girl, so i didnt expect she gunna be good, but from the comment i found on the web, i on the other hands expecting its gunna be good.

And the result is: it was so so, its not bad, but its not good also. it was just few pressure on my feet and i wont do it again, and USD$ 20 is a waste.

My next treatment is Energetic Asian Massage. Me HOPPPIN n crossin my finger its gunna be good.

The lady take me to the massage room, which is just next to the reflexi room, its a room separated into two by a curtain in d middle. The room is rather dark, just enuf light for the massage session.

My therapist get me naked and just wearin their disposal underwear. Then i lay on my tummy on the bed, and she startin her magic finger. And right from the beginin i know she is good. She is hittin the right spot. And thats it!!! I surrender my body to her 😀

She is soooo good i just have to ask her name, and its Linn. I tipped her and then walk out of the room feelin fresh. The only regret was i did reflexology first, if i were to have my massage first, i’d never need to reflexi afterwards. But hey…its done.

I pay my bills, then walk home.


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