Malacca Trip

on Feb 27th 2011, me and Gavin as a couple finally made it to Malacca…duh…
we went for a day trip, had Nyonya food, but i think its WAY exaggerated, nothin WOW about it, perhaps we failed to go to the best restaurant, but it shouldnt be “just average taste” cuz its in Malacca….anyway…

It was pretty much a dead town, not many people that you can see, but better towards the evening as i can see more people. Enough with Nyonya Food, we take a stroll on the apparently the most famous “Jonker Street”, to me it was just a Malaysian version of Bugis Junction in Singapore, OR pretty much like Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly there is quite alot of people there. Doin what me n Gavin doin i believe.

Joker Street Entrance

We did a bit of shopping, nothin MAJOR, just small small things. We tried the famous Durian Ice Kacang, too bad its too sweet (for me anyway), nothing amazing about it, well, i guess my expectation is just WAAAYYY to much about Malacca regarding to its food.

Tired walking, we hope onto the flowery rickshaw, MYR 40,- for an hour. The driver was very friendly, he show us around, first stopped was the Red building, not quite sure what it is, but i think its/was a church, its from the Portuguese colonial time (if am not mistaken, am too lazy to google about it to make sure).

The Red Church

After that, Gavin paddle the rickshaw…hahaha…i can see almost everyone laughing as soon as they see him on it…white boy on a rickshaw huh? 😉

My Lovely Rickshaw Man

Gavin stopped at the old train, which i for show now for tourist, we took pictures, there is also this old plane, also for show. Enuf snaps we off to the fort of the Alfonso D’albuquerque (i hope i get that name right, cuz i didnt googled that), snap snap snap again, then we go to check out the Portuguese Trading (& war) ship.

Smokin Couple?

The Alfonso D'Albuquerque Fort n Cannon

By the time we get out of the ship, its dark already, we walk to Gavin’s car, then off to Portuguese settlement area for fresh seafood, but apparently it has changed too. Food was so so, had oyster which is NOT BAD at all.

Tummy fully load, we head back to KL, one n half hour drive we arrived at Concorde around 10.30pm….TIRED!!!

Au Revoir Malacca


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