1st Bbq in The House

It started with the bbq pit that Gavin ordered from Lim that just got delivered recently.
so on the 18th of Feb 2011, Gavin and me decided that we need to try it out!!!!
ON the next day 19th of Feb 2011!!!! whoa…so quick!
But its ok cuz we only meant to have small bbq party which consist of Gavin n me, my sisters (Tits, Netta, n Rara), n my bff Yannty, n some other friends.
And since Lim is good friend of Gavin, he is also invited to check out how his bbq pit doin, his wife Mbak Dewi, is also good friend of mine.

But, as always in Asia, u invite one person, that one person invite the whole load of his family + relative + every name they can remember (hahahaha….okay! i exaggerate there a bit :D)

So i shopped on the 18th, bought 2kgs of chicken wings, 2 kgs of prawns, and a kg of snaper. THATS IT! well, Gavin got loads of lamb sausages and couple of kgs of beef steak from Singapore, cuz he is cruisin back from KL.

By noon, Yannty and Dewi Rang, they appear to be more excited than me…ahahahaha…
without this two, i couldnt do this.

18th evening, after pickin up Gavin from Harbour Bay, i marinated the wings with the recipe that i just google :D, Gavin marinated his beef.

19th noon, Gavin n me gotta shop some more, we have no chairs and tables for the backyard LoL, running here and there, buyin more this and more that…geezus!!! feels like am havin a big function comin. Dewi comin by noon, bringin another 2kgs of BIG prawn and 2 more kgs of wings. ALOT MORE FOOD!

by 4pm we got kids in d house (my sisters), Yannty, Kamelia, n Dilla. By 5pm Lim n Dewi and their entourage. Yannty entourage comin for Dinner by 6 or 7pm. Then Reni joinin in around 9pm. Thats IT!!! But i believe my house has never got so many peoples in EVER!

This duo started the flamin

...waitin for sum food to be grilled...

My bby is grillin it

nom nom nom

Taste so fresh and Del.i.ci.ous

Lamb Sausage 😉

The "Never Stop BBq Team"

Plenty of food, catchin up, talkin craps and gettin FAT hahahaha
I hope everyone happy thou, am tired but happy 🙂

Thanks for everyone who made their efforts to show up


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