L A S I K !!! I see You

Am ready for my Lasik

I’ve just had my Lasik DONE! YuHuuuu….and its one of the best thing that I’ve done so far to improve my vision and my life.

And this is how the stories goes on how i ended up gettin a Lasik Eye Surgery

I was gettin my hair done, and as usual, at hairdresser they will put a stack of magz infront of u to stop u from gettin bored. Flippin thru pages, i stumble upon this advertisement about Lasik Surgery, and I KNEW it right away that THIS IS EXACTLY what I want to do, and its on THE TOP of my life GOAL list.

I talked to my partner a.k.a Gav about this, and he is supportive about it. YUP! Just what i needed the most. Next I’ve to do some survey on where about am gonna get this done. First i have in mind was Malaysia, it wont be as expensive as Singapore, but it will still be bonafide, unlike Indonesia my country, abit spooky with the famous malpractice that happened.

There are few Lasik clinic in KL that i’d love to survey, but i only managed to surveyed 2 clinic. OPTIMAX and The Lasik Centre. I tried Vista 2 days in a row, but their clinic the one at Bangsar, always closed. So am just gonna have to pass on them, their advertisement was really good thou, compare to the other 2. I was really confident with OPTIMAX, but somehow my gut feeling tell me that i should give it a check at Klinik Mata Nusantara/KMN which the first adverstiment that gimme the idea about this. So I got my eyes checked at OPTIMAX, not bold, i go check at KMN. Thats IT! This is where am goin to get it done. Somehow they prove me that they got better technology. Their price is more expensive than Malaysian one, thou. But am going with it, cuz am not takin my eyes for granted. I dont wanna have the risk of gettin blind for the rest of my life just because im opting for the cheaper one. The good news is; Its LIFETIME guarantee. SOLD!

So am booked for Lasik on the 16th of December 2010. Am catchin the first flight from Batam to Jakarta (cuz i dont live in Jakarta), arrived around 10am. Tryin to relax a bit by doin window shoppin *wink wink*. Then checkin in to KMN at 3pm for preparation, and Lasik at 4pm. My eye specialist is Dr. Annette Mariza, SpM, she is very friendly and makin me feel so comfortable. Thanks doc…

Eng ing eng, ITS SHOW TIME baby….well, i ended up gettin my eyes done around 6.30pm, delayed from 4pm *sigh*

Before they call me in to THE room, they dropped few local anaesthetic into my eyes, sting a bit, but even a baby can handle that. So its NOTHING really…NO big deal.

In THE room, they make u lay on a surgery bed, its really cold, u’ll need a double blanket.

Got my flaps open already

Laser right into my eyes

First she doing somethin to my eyes, she keep mentioning she’s gonna make a flap so she can Laser the black area of my eyes. This one take about 3-5 minutes each eyes. They will do this to both of your eyes first, THEEEEEN they will Laser your eyes, apparently the time it takes for each eyes for anyone is vary, not the same. My right eyes, takes 18 seconds and left eyes takes 23 seconds. U wont feel a thing, except dark. And u goin to smell like something is gettin burn. And THATS IT!!!! I SEE YOU.

No headache, no nauseous, no nothing. YOU CAN SEE RIGHT AWAY! This is AWESOME!

But…its not perfectly clear just yet, to me its like seeing angels fallin from the sky, everythin you see are all surround by white light. My doc refers to it by saying “its like u got shampoo in your eyes”. I feel slightly uncomfortable with my eyes, as if i have had contacts in for a while, a bit dry, but doc did warned me about this and its NORMAL. But again, it was NOTHING!!!

I left the clinic and continue on window shopping a bit *wink* no worry about dry eyes etc, coz doc prepared me with tear drops, antibiotic drops, and redness drops.

I go back to my room, and sleep. They will give u something to cover your eyes for when u sleeping. U cant really splash water to your face, try to avoid dust and smoke, and wear ur sunglasses at day time (its kool huh? u have new reason to buy more stylies sunglasses)

Wakin up in the morning feelin and seein so much better, less white galore…its pretty much clear. And I feel sooooooooooooooo gooooooodddd….

Bye bye specs! Bye bye annoying contacts

PS: Ignored the last 2 pictures, cuz it looks pretty spooky ya? but trust me, NO PAIN at all!!!

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