U2 Concert & Surfer Paradise

We depart from KL on the 7th of Dec 2010 around 10pm KL time and arrived at Gold Coast airport on the 8th of Dec 2010 around 8am GC time. Then onto a 1,5 hours minibus ride to South Bank where we gunna stay for the night, cuz the U2 concert (which is the BIG reason why we go to Aussy for this trip) is at Suncorp Stadium which is located in the Brisbane city.

After restin for the rest of the day, we headed to the stadium around 5.30pm. Its gettin packed already.

At 6.45pm, after the long wait, the concert is open by Jay Z, he is rockin the stage with his dude…which i dunno his name, and also his band. He rapped for an hour or so then a break for about an hour before the actual U2 peeps enterin the stadium which causin a hysterical welcome from the fans.


Couting down to Jay Z performance

Jay Z Rappin it up

U2 is Killin it

They are good, but i think they could actually do ALOT better. I dont think my expectation is too high for U2 performance. Overall it was good, but not good enuf to gimme spooky hair. i like how they campaign all the way through their performance. Its a nobel thing. I highly adore them for that, for using their power to get their fans to do something good for the better of the rest of the world.

Otw to Gold Coast:

YaY...I finally got to hold a REAL Koala

Just chillin with my mate

The rest of the week we spend at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. It remind me of Miami, but not quite. Its the Aussy style of Miami, and oh btw…there is actually a place named Miami too at GC. But we didnt get there.

View of Surfers Paradise from my room at Watermark Hotel Room No. 1423

We went to Dreamworld on Friday the 10th, it was sunny, and we get our adrenalin tested. The Cyclone was givin me a dizzy head, The Wipeout is pretty kool, The Claw was reachin sooooo high am scared to look down or open my eyes, i peek now and then, and thought its quite peaceful up there. Then the highest tower up as high as 56 storey building, the one that Amazing race asia peeps gotta do. They hold u for quite sometimes up there….tik tok tik tok…and they dropped u down as fast as the speed u can imagine, i felt like flyin for a moment, its quick and short, we spend more time q-ing rather than doing the deed.

The last one we tried to ride is the Tower of Horror, where u they take u up really high on a high speed too, facing backward, and then release the vehicle to go back down again, and this time u’ll face forward. Its kool, the velocity changed the look on ur face…Thats it at Dreamworld. Closed at 5pm, sucks huh, they charge u $75AUD for the whole day open at 10 am closed at 5pm, u dont get to do much.

Adrenalin testing crime scene

On Saturday early morning we tried to get onto hot air balloon. We wake up at 3am cuz the driver pick us up at 3.45am. Pick up another guest along the road otw to the area where we gunna hot air ballooning, its about 2 hours ride, ONLY to find out that the weather is not permitting 😦 we are all disapointed. So the driver has to send us all back to our hotel again.

NO sunny Surfers Paradise

The rest of the day we just went for shopping at Surfers Paradise. Weather no good, no sunny beachy, it was rainin actually…and we finished that day by eating seafood at George’s Paragon. Late at night we try clubbin to two nite club, full of youngster. I feel so old lol…

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