I ♥ Batam Island

Barelang Bridge

I live in Batam.

I even consider myself as a Batamese already even though my parents originally come from west sumatra.

I’ve lived here for almost 25 years, so sometimes i get to the point where i just gettin sick and tired of this island.

But then, when i travel and away from Batam, i often find myself missin Batam so much.

So i think its about time for me to promote a lil bit about my beloved Island of Batam.

Btw, the government also on mode of promoting Batam.

They called it Visit Batam 2010, please click if you want further information about it.

Here is a brief description about Batam:

I believe Batam is a popular holiday destination. We got warm weather, sometimes rain. Nice beaches if you go to the right places, i think most of the beach here is actually beautiful, but gov not really focus on it to make it as a tourism object, i hope they are now, since its Visit Batam 2010.

Batam is famous with its Golf Courses, its a beautiful green and affordable. Food? Batam famous with the seafood. So if you are a seafood lover, Batam will be heaven for you, try Golden Prawn and Kelong Seafood Restaurant, yummm…

and ohhh…visiting Batam is not complete until you experience our massage. Its good after a long day roaming around Batam. Just make sure you end up in the right place, coz Batam also got alot of funny business massage parlour. Try Sport Massage, its professional and they never let me down after the massage.

Batam is not far from Singapore. You can just catch a ferry and be there in an hour, making it one of the most accessible islands in the South East Asia region. So yeah…when am bored of Batam, i hope on to the ferry loh…

I happened to stumble on this link, and it got EVERYTHING you need to know about Batam. I WARN you, you NEED, i repeat; YOU NEED to read the information on this website before you come to Batam.

OR you can simply ask me 🙂


Visit Batam 2010

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