Today is the last day on year 2009. Time passed by so quickly. And things happened sorta out of my plan. I’d consider it in a good way, thou. Oh yess…am older! No, not just older, but old. Am goin 26. Yuhuuuuu…….

Ok. Back to biz, my major highlight for 2009 was:

  1. My ecky brecky heart Break Up with Trevor. Thought I’ll be and spendin the rest of my life with him. Guess not! We broke up sometimes in February, the 14th for god sake. After bein together for roughly 8 months (Jun 13th 2008 – Feb 14th 2009). I was crushed and devastated, but what can I do, he’s just not THAT into me. Ok, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that easy to let go of him. I loved him so much; I’d do anything for him. NO, actually it was SOOOO hard, like I’d rather die than not have him. I swear I couldn’t feel any emptier. My world collapse. I cry a river for days. And days. Even my bff sick and tired listening to me talkin abt my sorry ass love story getting dump by a white trash just bcoz of distance for most of the reason. So yeah…after that I was fucked up. Totally fucked up. And I better not go details on that.
  2. An affair with my boss. Thought I’ll never fall for anyone anymore, so I decided its ok to just play around. It’s fun, especially when you got an impression that he is a faithful husband (oh yeaahhh…he got a wife n kids alright). No intention of any serious shit, I go along with him. But it turn out differently, this one person bring back my faith abt there is actually a good man in this world. So I fall for him despite of age different and his marital status. I can’t recall the exact date we decided that we both serious in this relationship, but it all started somewhere between end of Jun and early July. It gets hilarious, scandalous, fabulous, and adventurous. I love it. I dunno how long we would last, I hope forever. And at least to me he doesn’t seem to be a jerk. ILUG.
  3. I travel quite a lot this year. YaY! And now I can put 3 new dots on the world map. Started with Thailand in January, India on October, and Perth in December. I was in Bali twice and of course Singapore. Am off to KL for NY celebration.

So yeah, that wud probably be most of it.

I look forward for a better life in 2010.

Adios 2009, welcome 2010.

mWa mWa mWa


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