Gav: It Started With A Text Msg

Not long after the embarrassing moment, we are having a function for the Hull Launching. I still don’t get to see much of him by then.

The celebration was held at I-Hotel Batam, on 7th floor. I came late as I had to attend my class before I can join them. When me and my 2 other girlfriends get there, everyone were pretty much chillin already. And of course, they are happy to have us gurls joining them on their full of men function. Easy on the eyes I’d say. Well, me n my gurls just came for the lamb chop, Hauhauahua…

One by one they left. The rest of us ended up in one table and just talkin craps. By then I notice, my boss was pretty flyin already. He got a face red like tomatoes cause too much drinking. The usual white trash thing.

Waiting for the bill to be count, we were standing next to each other. THEN I feel awkward at the way he looked at me. It is Like he’s about to eat me alive. Zzzzzzz….hahahhaha

But, hey…he is drunk; he would look the way he looks at me at just about any girl. So, I won’t interpret that look as something. I wouldn’t dare, he is married for your god’s sake.

That night, surprisingly, he let us the gurl to decide where to go next for the 2nd round. Of course it’s gonna be (and will always be) at NoName, Harmoni Hotel. Some are against it, they prefer The Step. But the boss goes with us, yuhuuu…

That’s it!

The next day, I have to take care of what left over from the function. We got few beers left. So I need to put it in one of the room @ i-Hotel. By then, the hotel people would know me as the Leighton girl. And they are very helpful.

I do need to get some signature from him to get the procurement going, I think then he was busy at Sekupang site, not Kabil site, where my office is, so I have to fetch him around for his so important signature.

So I have my papers ready, and deal with the left over beers. He said to put the beers in his room. So that’s it, I went to his room with one of the hotel staff, and put the beers in the freezer, and I spread everything that he need to sign on his bed, so he can see it, and signed it, and leave it with the driver, and the driver can return it to me. Get the job done. Yay…

The next thing I realize, he was askin me how I managed to enter his room. My answer was ‘I have my own way’. Hauhauhau, I guess he is not smart enough lolz. He text msg me; ‘Naughty but Nice’

Hmmm….am thinkin, that is not a common comment from a boss. I THINK, my boss is trying to be naughty with me. Ummm… he is married, but he wanna play? Hahahaha… I can do this! Let’s play.

And then followed by many text msg. Trust me, it’s not very important msg at all. So irrelevant to my job 😀

One of the significant msg that I realize was, he wanna know what am doing on my free time, and so on and on and on.

And the most important msg was, he wanted me to pick a best place to eat, set a date and time, and arrange a dinner. I honestly thought he wanted me to do that for the entire staff, he LET me to think that, but when the day comes, and I asked him who is comin so I can arrange transportation and let them all know, he tell me he’d prefer just both of us. Ewww…ummm…OWKAY!

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