Heart Matters

Heart matters are very dangerous. It consumes you. It will cost you a lot of restless night. It will dry out all the tears you got. You can’t function the same. Your brain gonna constantly thinking about emptiness, your deepest sadness, no matter how hard you try not to.

You will play trick with your mind, but you can’t try that on your heart. You think you’re ok, but you’re in the edge of losing your sanity. Your head maybe strong, but your hearts are weak. And yet, in the end, your heart will rule everything.

You think you can be logic when it comes to heart matter? WRONG!!!

You can fool everyone else around you but yourself! And you will suffer the greatest heart break, endless pain. NO!! Perhaps it’s not painful at all…its…you just don’t feel anything anymore. Nothing.
Nothing at all!
How scary is that?

It’s unspeakable

(Batam, sometimes on Feb ’08)


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