Gav: First Impression!

I dunno where to start. Seriously!

But I know I love him. Sounds ridiculous I know, even to myself. But that’s true!

I guess it started with me working for Leighton Int. on Jun 3rd 2009. First time I saw him only after few days working, not on my 1st day, I thought he is some kind of arrogant white trash. Sleazy and nose stuck up in the air. And on the very same day, I happened to be going to Sekupang (where the boat Hull is bein build)  in the same car with him. Just me and him (of course there is a driver sitting behind the stirring wheel).

And you know what? We sat next to each other. And it’s weird, cos just before we depart from Kabil (where our site office is), I find out that he is THE Boss. Sigh!

He asked me questions, but he seemed to have doubt in me working for them. Well, its expected coz I told him that I was forced by my friend to accept the job. NOW, why would I tell my arrogant boss on the very first day I get the chance to talk to him? I guess I was being a nose stuck up in the air too. Hauhauhau…trying to make a statement, that just because he is the boss, doesn’t mean am gonna talk nice to him to impress him. I’ll be me.

He was acting very kool thou, busy with his blackberry and an A4 book which later I find out to be his ‘to do book’. He writes down everything he need to do on that book. OKAY hand writing!

Not much goin on after that. Quite! That’s it!

He is a serious boss. And the most important thing; he’s married!!! Doesn’t look like the kind who would play around. Later on I decided that he is a nice, decent, kind, serious boss. (yeahh… I changed my mind, so what?)

He got all my respect.

Until one day, I came to his office as usual to drop his print out. I was wearing my fav jeans, and top with white sweater. He out of the blue, was asking me to turn around. And DARINGLY openly checking out my butt. THAT’S RIGHT! MY BUTT!! IN FRONT OF LEIGH WALTERS, my Site Manager, my other boss. Before my nose.

Gosh, I AM so embarrassed!!! They both giggled at me. I dunno where to put my face, but to run off. Blushin!!!

Life goes on…


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