I’ve got to be with this guy Tonight!

i am already 3 glasses of red wine high crazily dancing
with a 29-yo french stranger partner for the night that i just met like an hour ish ago and i plan to go home with
dont ask me his name, cost i cant recall

i pressed my back against him whilst am dancing
i guess i was feeling kinda sexy or perhaps just too high from the red wine
or because i was too fed up with life and i just don’t care if peoples think that i am a pro fishing for white folks
i don’t wanna know whats going on
but for sure i really am trying to justify things that just happened to me
breaking up with my 4 years long relationship fiance
my world collapsed
so…who cares what gonna happen tonight
i just wanna give my self a break

i can feel his arms around my waist
and i can feel his breath on my neck
and i know he is trying to kiss my right ear
i also can feel that my face is thicken from the wine
and warm and hot and fussy and red and heavy
so i closed my eyes…enjoying the moments

i pushed him away from me
lil bit…dont make it so easy for him
cos am still in control
i dont really like to fall into a guy while am still in control
cos am gonna regret it in the morning

i open my eyes
and there i see only eyes
someone Else’s eyes
a guy…cute!
but in this rather dim light an full of smoke club
his eyes is so magnificent
his eyes…the way he looked at me
is just soo captivating
magnetically intrigued me
and telling me
“I’ve got to be with this guy tonight!”

and by now
he know that my eyes is responding to his eyes
i gave him a look too…
and before i realized it;

am with him
dancing…and kissing..i think
and i can feel the passion within me
empowering me
and i want him so much
and i think that he feel exactly the same as me
we kissed like there is only me n him in the club
the world is spinning
well..at least from my point of few

he got me another glass of wine
and am dead high
and wanting him even so bad now
i can feel him all over me
and without the feeling of being used or being cheap or being easy
am actually enjoying it
its so bad i know
so bad to want a stranger for a night
just to get away from my problem…for a night

and before i realized it again
i found myself half conscious in his room
laying on my tummy like a dead fish
big white sheeted bed, comfortable
its hard to not fall asleep as my head felt like its 100kgs now
am gone…


i found myself awake in the same position as i knocked out
fully dress
and i see this guy next to me
waking up because i am waking up
we smile at each other

“whats your name again?”


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