a Dream: Princess of The Tribe

i am laying on my tummy
facing the white wall…NO..its not white…but its wall made of muds
so its creamy color

i can feel the hand laying on my back
a strong hand
almost holding my waist
and i can feel the warmth of his body
its a HE…

i stand up
he is still laying on his tummy
and so everybody else who is laying on their tummy next to him next to everybody
so all i can see is everyone is laying on their tummy next to each other
i walk out to the source of the light
wooden pillars next to each other along the way
i am in a jungle…very green jungle

and for some reason
i just know that the guy who was laying next to me is my husband
and i start running…i dont know why
but i know he is behind me
chasing me
following me

i run pass through the jungle
pass through the dancing crowds
climbing up to the green hills
and turn left mixing with another crowd so he cant find me
but i can feel he is behind me
watching my every steps
i know he can catch me if he wanted to
but he is not
he just following me
keeping distance from me

am still running
passing a cage
with 2 girls in it
smiling at me

i run across the bridge with a very small river below
another crowds yelling and jumping and dancing and singing words i cant understand
i can see the sun lights through the green jungle
shining every leaves
and reflects the sparks

and then i can feel the rain on my face
washing me
and i know he still is behind me
still watching me

i stop running
am tired
so i stood by for a while under the rain
am turning back

run and run and run and run
going through what i passed before
and so he is

i eventually stop at the girls cage
i look at them carefully
they are still smiling
one of them is touching my face
fonding me…
her fingers run thorough my eyes my nose and my lips

and there he is
standing next to me
now i can see his face closely
full of love and passions for me
i don’t understand the way he looks
but for sure he is happy am not running anymore

“why are u running from such a handsome and loving husband like him?” one of the girls asked
as everyone else in this jungle know that i am the girl who run away from her husband
i look at him again
examining him
his face
and then my eyes meet his eyes
just my eyes and his eyes

“i don’t love him!” i said whisperingly to his face
his face turn blank all of sudden
no emotion at all
no more loves and passions

and then i walk off
he stayed…not following me anymore

and deep inside
i was wishing that he would still follow me
but he is not

i look at him as am walking away from him
an try to understand the feeling that i feel deep inside
but i can never describe….

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