Jokes: Saturday Snigger

Medical Science Says:
“Tight Clothing Slows Blood Circulation”
But the Truth is..
“Tighter The Woman’s Clothing,
Faster The Circulation Of MAN’s Blood” 😉

In school canteen,
there was a basket of apples with a written note:
“don’t take more than 1, God is watching!”
A little further there was a box of chocolates,
a naughty child wrote:
“Take as many as u want. God is watching the apples”

8 year son: Dad what’s sex?
Dad gets tensed but explained everything.
Kid: But dad how do I write all that in this small box of admission form ?

Virginity is
Neither a Dignity,
Nor a Security,
Nor Even a Sign of Purity,
Its just a…..
Lack of 0pportunity…

Woman in bed with husband’s best friend.
phone rings,
Woman: Yes?.. Ok,.. fine,..bye.
Turns to her Lover and laughs;
My husband saying he is playing golf with you.

A criminal enter into bed room,
tied up husband & wife,
kissed wife’s ear & went to bathroom.
Husband told wife, “satisfy him or he will kill us, be strong I LOVE U”
Wife said “He didn’t kiss me,
He whispered in my ear that he’s GAY,
needs Vaseline & I told him its in the bathroom.
So b strong, I LOVE [….]

A 5 year old boy,
while taking bath
and examining his testicles
Asks: ‘Mum, are these my brains?’
‘Not yet’, she replied.

Neng –> WahhahhahahHahahahahhahahahha…

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