Gav: Vision & Hope

Gav (31/10/09 08:36:58): Good morning luv,

Gav (31/10/09 08:38:54): Shake ur sxy butt n go get ur hair wavey or curley?

Gav (31/10/09 08:40:11): U will look gr8, please send a phot

Gav (31/10/09 09:30:30): Darl, I have vision and hope with u, I have seen this for a while now frm d heart, it just gets get clearer, and am on a path to take that opportunity. I want u to be able to say I am urs and I wanna be able to say the same…. I want to hold u and be the last person u see, smell, touch at night…I wanna be the first person you see in the morning….I wanna soak up ur love, warmth, crazy humour, ur laugh n smile ….and I want to harness the happiness that you create…. There is a real path to realise the vision and we need to discuss the path and timing so it works for us both…..

Mizz (31/10/09 12:24:46): whoaaa….

Mizz (31/10/09 12:24:53): i just read ur long msg

Gav (31/10/09 12:27:44): 😛

Mizz (31/10/09 12:29:33): is that really from you? like REALLY really?

Gav (31/10/09 12:36:14): Iwuinuilu

Mizz (31/10/09 12:41:42): me 23456789

Gav (31/10/09 12:45:49): Yes I scribed d words…frm hrt to mind to fingers to bby to u


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