Review: Angels & Demons, The Movie

Angels & Demons, The Movie

Angels & Demons, The Movie

I’ve just watch this movie  couple of hours ago. And I LuV it. This is the “MUST WATCH MOVIE” of the season.

But first of all, If you haven’t seen the movie, i suggest you should stop readin my review NOW.  ‘Coz (Thanks to Mr. Pace for the hit), my review gonna spoil your excitement for when you watch the movie. But if you don’t mind, you can keep readin ^^

This movie will makes you questions about The God and The Truth. It will test your faith to the ultimate challenge.  And as for me, it just ensure me more of what I believe in. Its enlighten me, brightly. Man!!! I love Dan Brown. Such a genius, he is not saying that religion is bad, nor saying that God is not exist. But more to giving us path or way to see religion in a different way. Smooth way. And comprehensible. well…it make sense to me ^^

And I love Tom ‘Langdon’ Hanks Character. I am soooooo 1000% totally agreed with his every answers when Ewan ‘Patrick’ McGregor character asked him about God. so yes, am gonna quote ” I’m not enlighten just yet ” instead of blatantly “I don’t believe in God”. how sweet, that way religious people wont hate me…

Anyway, what ever we believe in, it should make us a better person for the peoples we love and our surrounding. It SHOULD NOT bring any harms to anyone. And DON’T be a fanatic, ‘coz Loving something for TOO much is NO T good. It will makes you do ANYTHING AT ALL to protect whatever it is you’re lovin. Love is such a big deal, be careful with it. Dont let it consumed you! Ewan ‘Patrick’ McGregor character in this movie is a good example, he Love his religion too much, and he did anything he can to keep it save, even though he had to kill peoples, and in the end, it consumed him.

Well, have fun watching the movie! Be smart!!!


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