Campus Scandalous

Today around 10am, when waiting for Yanti to go to Barelang, i was shocked by the title of one of the newspaper that hanging freely inside one of the street shop. BIG RED letters (no way you can missed it), and on the right top corner, just right above the big title, 2 VERY vulgar intimate graphics of 2 consenting adults enhanced the title. I didn’t know per’s can put such pictures on their front page. What happened to the anti pornographic law? I thought they made it official a year back.

Anyway, the title was “Porn Video of 2 Law students in Batam”


I can’t believe it got this far.

Few months back, when I was doing my 5th semester, i heard about this video. The news spread amongst us within law faculty student, but i believe me and my biatch Yanti, were the last one to find out abt it, and none of us got to see the video, trust me, we’re dying to see it. And still are dying!  Hey… its porn alright, of one or our friends. Of course we want to see it, we’re not gonna pretend to be a saint angel here, whose not gonna be interested in such things…if it is anyone else porn, we probably not gonna even bother about it…but it is him! And we know him!! And her too!

One month, 2 months passed by. Nope. No video for us. Ok. I started to think that (maybe) the video was never exist. It is just a rumor, to make those 2 look bad. Honestly, they both are brilliant student. Best i can say, they both are ones of the famous celebrities at our uni. Involved with lots of organization, clever, lecturer loves them, trusted, and sent to this and that competitions now and then, and they are soo good that some peoples hates them.

As soon as i get the newspaper in my hands, i can’t wait to tell ma biatch Yanti. i know she’d  kill for this news. hehe…hyperbole i know…but hopefully that shows how much we wanna see the vid. and we never got to see it. And now it’s on the news. Happening! And we don’t want to be the last to know about this. Not again!

If you’re evil and you hate this couple, you would probably be very happy about this news. Happy for the consequences and troubles that this news gonna get this couple. i am not evil, but am not gonna lie, that i am not happy to see it, esp. the pictures. It sorta gimme ideas of what they do. Am all about watching the video. But since no video for me, so few pics would still be appreciated. (Still wanna see the video though -_-“) anyone? Hehe…me such a kepo pervert…guilty as charged.

The newspaper basically telling the readers about the couple initial and that they both are a law student in one of university in Batam, and the rest of the half page elaborating about what the couple did in the video. So you can actually picture what happened by reading it. And that’s it! Nothing more!

i feel sorry right away for them both. Imagining what may comin to them, my heart goes to them. i believe they never meant it to be this way.


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