Me n NoName Misc

i just got back from NoName, and missin My Pumpkin so badly when i was there 😦 , how i wish he were there with me, i hate couples who seemed to be romantic, i guess i envy their togetherness while i am being such a lonely wreck and cant get my Pumpkin out of my mind.

i went there with Madam n her ‘new’ singaporean bf n friends. They all are ok. but i think thats it. they are just not my kind of people who i would love to hang out alot with. and likewise with them.

i also happened to meet up again with the Handsome ‘thai’ guy that looks like indonesian, i think his name was Izara [maybe not…not sure], when i used to go NoName alot few months back, we always (like) sit next to each other. we know each other as a NoName maniak. but never got to talk. only today. i used to kiiiinda (lil bit) like him, i think he was a total handsome dude πŸ™‚ his features are almost perfect. Blah…anyway…

and later on, he came to me and whisper

‘Neng, am gonna have to go home soon!’

‘oh..OKay!……….[dududududud]………………………..[nananananana]……………………………………………………… but…why so early?’ its like almost 2am

he lean forward, gimme a hesitated smile ‘i got someone waiting for me ….at home’

i give him the ‘Oh i see’ look, with my mouth imitating ‘o’

and he gimme ‘Thats right!’ face and say ‘ I am (really) sorry Neng’

‘wow…i didnt know u have a wife :), what a shamed! but hey its kool! why is she not here with u?’

blablabla…so the point is I FOUND out he is married….hahahaha…and he is 27 and from thailand and handsome, but…so what? (whats the point then? lmao)

and Madam…:(…she wont dance with me, thats upset me a bit, i felt kinda left alone there, she is busy with bunch of her friends…n her new bf. i wouldnt do that, if i have my gf alone.

and there is this indian guy with grey beard, one of madam bf’s friends, not to be arrogant, but i know he been watchin me, come up to me and try to hug me and (am sorry) grabbing my boobs, of course i stop him before he accomplish ya.

he still hasnt stop tryin to get my attention…but he stay back off. watchin me from his table…oh btw, i sat with the ‘thai’ guy…because of this…

and there is this malay guy, behaved, once in a while bring me my drink, cheers me up from far away. he is basically just doing what the indian guy did, but smoother i would say it. in the end, he offered to drive me home, in my mind am like “yeah sure…right! this is his last card, driving me home, while on the way pursuade me, and take me to his place instead and bla bla bla” so i said ‘Thanks, i really appreciated that, but i already got my taxi waitin for me’…so that was my last card for him. he back off….i think, if he REALLY meant to drive me home for my safety, he would of insisted, regardless am attracted to him or not. so yahhh….he back off as soon as he realized am not…(correct me if am wrong!)

and there is Mrs. Astri -35yo, i see her alot at NoName and we become dancin friend- who is jealous/pissed/mad at her husband for flirting around. yeah i know the husband too…he would grab my ass everytime he got the chance that he squized in while am dancin with his wife. and i think he enjoy it very much wacthin me or any other girl dancin hotly with his wife. she told me that she thinks that her husband likes me. and her husband is flirting around now and her face just showed how unhappy she is about that. Of course! DUH….

so she started ‘i know he is cheating on me’

‘really? i think he is a good husband…i dont think so’

‘i know’ with sad face and eyes on her husband watching him talking to a girl

i thought i would try to calm her down

but fuck it!

‘u know what? man cheat!!! its their nature…but u know what, u’re still lookin good, oh no, u cheat too?’

rolling her eyes and giving me such smile

‘oh you are…! hmmm..hmmmm’

she keep smiling …………………………… and then flat face again!

‘its ok Darling, man always cheat, u just have to need to ask urself if u can stand him or not, if u cant, u know what to do, but…REMEMBER, even if u found another man, he will still cheat on u, so yes…dont worry about it so much’

with her eyes still watching her husband, now and then smoking her cigs, ‘see…he is such a flirt!’

‘ahhhh…flirt shud be fine, it at least shows that he still is normal’ am trying to joke abt it.

‘i know he really likes you’

‘i dont know’ i smiled

‘lets go to my table!’ and she drag my hands around

we got to her table at the back, some friends there, and she gave me orange juice.

not long, here husband comin, and gimme such a happy smile.

‘ u know?’ i started talking to him

he came close, [position: me n his wife face to face, and he is standin between my right and her left. so his hand can grab her ass and my ass.

‘u have a very beautiful wife, u should take care of her!’

‘really?’ he smiled

‘yeah, didnt u notice down on dance floor how many people trying to flirt with her?’

he look at his wife and smile (still…)

and i can see, mrs. astri are happy with what am saying

‘u really are lucky to have such a beautiful wife, take good care of her, dont let her be alone’

he smiled again, scanning his wife as if its his 1st time seeing her. and she is happy.

‘well…lets go back to the dance floor!’ i drag her this time

she followed.

and i jokingly (and try my best to make it sounds that I AM joking) said “lets go get some brondong’

i just wanna remind him, that his wife CAN do that too.

so me n her walked off to the dance floor

Later on, on the way out..passing thru mrs. Astri table…i can see she is sitting on her husband lap, fully dressly humping him. am happy. πŸ™‚

i got home and need to poo poo right away. something wrong with my tummy. but it felt good actually.

i put on my pc, and go online. expecting offline msg from my Pumpkin. Nope! Nothing!

I showered. Hungry so i eat (gosh…at this hour? around 4 am). checking my account.

Eng ing eng….Pumpkin is loggin in. Yay… Unexpected. Better!

so I am happily talkin to him :). in the end of the night :). even better, he called, so we got to talk :D. not for long, but i am already way too happy :):):)

Good thing in the end πŸ™‚

Mizz ya Pumpkin! mWaaahhh…


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