First Blog ‘n My B’day

Finally, i managed to create another blog, i know i have blog somewhere sometimes ago..Looong time ago, but i cant recall…so i decided to make another one…hehe…hope this one will last longer. i mean forever…duh ^^

I am aware that i am not the kind who will always have the spirit to write into my blog, but i’ve realized, now n then I will have something to write or something to say or whatever…

Ok, as my 1st post, i’ll talk about My B’day;

I turned 25 yesterday, March 4th…and Omg… I really AM 25? GEEZ…
time pass by so quickly, and now am quarter of century already. OLD.

So in Indonesia, the famous question is: When will you get married?

WHAT? i dont even have a Bf for a start…huhuhuhu…so they (peoples surround me) would give me such advices; “Neng, U already 25, you have to think about what you wanna do…bla bla bla…u cant be single all the time…bla bla bla”

Why NOT?
I would love to have a Bf, someone i can share my passions with, but if i just havent found the right one, how should i deal with this? should i just grab someone? hijack him and point a gun on him and “if you dont wanna be my Bf, i’ll shot U!”…i dont think so…

well, sometimes i think, maybe it would be better if peoples dont celebrate B’day (i used to be happy thou, when i was much younger), cos now i think a B’day is just another (authentic) reminder that You are gettin older…maybe its not so bad when you have everything you love and everything you need, unlike me, and am sure am not alone…

Enuf said, i am 25Yo…yuhuuuuuu…

Aight, am off for my B’day dinner

Happy B’Day Neng
i LuV U

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